Primary Care

Looking for Family Medicine?

Rather than focusing only on a particular organ or disease, family medicine — also known as primary care — providers are trained to consider your health from a holistic viewpoint.

Olympic Medical Physicians provide primary care that integrates seamlessly with our specialty services. OMP family medicine clinics are located in Port Angeles (907 Georgiana Street), and in Sequim (840 N. 5th Avenue). For more info, call (360) 565-0999.

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Your Partner in Health and Wellness

Specially trained to serve as your main doctor over the long term, primary care providers offer preventive care and immunizations. They also identify and treat common medical issues, illnesses and injuries. When necessary, they’ll refer you to a specialist. If you’re being cared for by several specialists, your primary care provider may help to organize and coordinate that care.

Family practitioners, pediatricians, geriatricians and internists are all considered primary care doctors. In addition, some OB/Gyns provide primary care. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners also can serve as primary care providers.

Research has shown that patients who have a primary care provider benefit from better management of chronic diseases, lower overall healthcare costs and a higher level of satisfaction with their care. Olympic Medical Physicians supports a network of primary care providers in Port Angeles at the Medical Office Building across from the hospital and in Sequim. For more information, please call (360) 565-0999 or review our Frequently Asked Questions.