Nutrition Services

October 4-8 marks Malnutrition Awareness Week, which was created to provide up-to-date information on how malnutrition affects patients in and out of the hospital.

In recognition of Malnutrition Awareness Week, Olympic Medical Center’s Nutrition Services department is excited to partner with the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) to provide free webinars on malnutrition awareness and education. The webinars are free using the discount code MAW-Olympic.

ASPEN’s website and YouTube page also provide excellent videos and webinars if you are unable to attend the information sessions during the week.

Personal Consultations for a Healthier, Balanced Lifestyle

Nutrition is part of the management plan for many conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, obesity, pregnancy, eating disorders and more.

With a referral from your provider, you can meet with one of our expert dietitians in either Port Angeles or Sequim and receive personalized dietary counseling and recommendations. The first appointment lasts one hour. Thirty-minute follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed.

Ask your healthcare provider to arrange a referral, and ask your insurance provider for information about your coverage for nutrition services.

Olympic Medical Center dietitians also provide the following inpatient services for patients in the hospital:

  • Coordinate the preparation of meals for patients in the hospital according to their individualized needs
  • Identify patients with special nutritional needs and provide quality assessments and plans
  • Calculate and provide recommendations to physicians about calorie, nutrient and formula needs for patients that require nutrition intravenously (IV) or by a feeding tube

If you have questions about Nutrition & Diabetes Services, call (360) 417-7125.