OMC is a Top 100 Rural Hospital

OMC is a Top 100 Rural Hospital

OMC has been recognized as a Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital for the sixth year in a row.

Here at Olympic Medical Center, we want to share some exciting news: OMC has been recognized as a Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital for the sixth year in a row. This news wouldn’t be possible without you, the patients and community who support us.

The Chartis Center for Rural Health names the top rural hospitals each year, using 36 different indicators to assess rural hospitals across eight pillars of performance, which include: market share, quality, outcomes, patient perspective, cost, charge and financial efficiency.

Though these indicators and pillars of performance sound like insider jargon, here’s what they mean this year.

Consistent & Excellent Care Through the Pandemic

OMC has been able to successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and continue as a foundation of hope and reliability during the coronavirus response here in Clallam County. More so, because of OMC’s financial stability, we’ve been able to weather the significant impacts of the pandemic, while also investing significantly in personal protective equipment to keep employees and patients safe, pandemic supplies and even adding personnel while many others hospitals have downsized.

As the only rural Washington hospital to receive this recognition, we are grateful that even in this tough year, we have been able to bring the community incredible healthcare and stability.

What This Ranking Means for You

As a patient, you can count on our team members and medical staff to provide you with excellent medical care. You can depend on us to provide medical care safely and respectfully. And as a member of our community, you can count on OMC to continue being a strong foundation of health care in our community for years to come.

This recognition spotlights OMC’s ability to deliver higher quality care and better outcomes within our rural community—something that we strive to do for you every day.

These results are driven by the dedicated health care workers and providers here who offer patients safe, quality care and a positive experience, all while also striving for efficient, evidence-based practices and responsible financial stewardship.

We Love Hearing from You

We often hear from patients about the life-saving care they received or the above-and-beyond things staff did to create a positive experience at OMC. Over this past year, we’ve been blown away to hear from patients, sharing experiences like:

I am enormously grateful to have such an excellent hospital here in our community.
We're in good hands at OMC.
The care I received was second to none in every way.
It feels better to receive care at OMC than it does a hospital in the city.

OMC’s focus on quality, safety and patient experience, as well as operational measures that make our hospital tick, helps provide staff with what they need to provide care that patients and our community need and deserve.

Congratulations to each and every one of our employees for earning the Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital, and thank you – our patients and community members – for your support of Olympic Medical Center.