Home Health & Lifeline

Award-Winning Care at Home

Olympic Medical Home Health helps patients continue to live at home, regardless of age or disability. Our Medicare-certified, state-licensed agency is dedicated to providing comprehensive quality health care in homes throughout Clallam and West Jefferson counties.

Available services include nursing, wound care, pain management, physical, speech and occupational therapy, instruction in diabetes management, and more.

Patients can receive home health services whether they live alone or with others, in a private home or in an assisted living facility.

Olympic Medical Home Health is ranked among the top home health care agencies in the country. Whether you, a family member or a friend are recovering from surgery, illness or an accident, we can help. After all, there’s no place like home! For more information, please call (360) 417-7315.

Care Plan and Services

All care is provided or directed by professional nurses and therapists experienced in home health care. Treatment and visits are planned and coordinated by members of the home health care team to meet the needs of each patient.

Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Development of care plan focused on goals
  • Reporting to and coordinating with physicians and other health care providers
  • Supervision of medications in consultation with physicians and pharmacists
  • Providing assistance and retraining in activities of daily living
  • Assessing safety in the home
  • Assisting with mobility training

Treatment areas include:

  • Case management
  • Infusion services
  • Wound care
  • Pain management
  • Symptom management
  • Diabetic instruction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-range health care planning
  • Teaching lifestyle changes to optimize wellness
  • Teaching disease management


Lifeline gives you the confidence and freedom to live on your own, because there’s always someone standing by to help whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whenever you need help, one press of your lightweight, waterproof help button activates a small in-home unit called a communicator. It puts you in touch with a caring Lifeline Response Center, and a staff member talks to you to find out what kind of help you need.

The staff member will call one of your friends, neighbors or relatives, who will come to your home to check on you. If you need more professional help, 911 will be called for you immediately. And, if you press your button and can’t speak, the Response Center staff know exactly what to do.

Lifeline takes the time to learn all about you, so when you press your help button, the highly trained Lifeline monitor who answers your call knows your special needs and interests before you say a word.

With Lifeline, your loved ones can rest assured that you’re safe, secure and happy in your home. And you don’t have to wait until you have an emergency to call Lifeline. We encourage you to check in with us every month just so you know we’re here.

All equipment is supplied by Lifeline. For less than a dollar a day we provide peace of mind to our subscribers.

The Lifeline service is locally owned and operated by Olympic Medical Home Health. For more information, call (360) 417-7315 or e-mail landerson@olympicmedical.org.