Podiatry Care Grows on the Olympic Peninsula

Podiatry Care Grows on the Olympic Peninsula

Dr. Adam Killpack joins the podiatry team at Olympic Medical Physicians, bringing expert podiatric care to both Port Angeles and Sequim orthopedic clinics.

Dr. Adam Killpack

Dr. Adam Killpack joins the podiatry team at OMP

Adam Killpack, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, was always interested in the medical field. But it wasn’t until his wife started having issues with her foot and ankle that he discovered podiatry.

“Podiatry was something I locked onto right away,” shared Dr. Killpack. “I was impressed that (podiatry) tends to be more hands-on, and there are lots of little things you can do to get people feeling better quickly. That’s what I like about it.”

Dr. Killpack says he finds something enjoyable in every aspect of podiatry, from preventive care and talking with patients about ways to keep their feet healthy, to the challenge of surgery for trauma, reconstruction, or salvaging limbs. “Both can make a significant impact on someone’s life. Anything I can do to keep someone walking pain-free is important to me.”

Podiatry Care Today

Dr. Killpack says he enjoys the breadth and depth of podiatry, which allows him to treat a wide variety of patients and conditions.

“It’s foot and ankle, skin to bone, but it’s little kids to elderly, sick patients to high-level athletes, so I can really do a lot with it,” he said. “While it’s foot and ankle, it does span the whole breadth and I get a little flavor of everything.”

Though podiatrists are best known for treating common foot ailments like bunions, ingrown toenails, and ankle sprains, most modern podiatrists are also trained in fore- and rearfoot surgery, diabetic care, trauma, deformity correction, and more.

In fact, diabetes and other health conditions have made podiatry part of community health. Research shows that if people with certain serious conditions see a podiatrist for preventive care, it can keep them out of the hospital and significantly decrease the opportunity for loss of leg or limb.

Dr. Killpack says this is what makes his job so rewarding. “I enjoy seeing people regularly and keeping them healthy.”

The Rewards of Podiatric Care

“We have a lot to offer on top of bunions and toe problems—though I love treating those!” said Dr. Killpack. “The depth and breadth of what we do is not insignificant.”

Podiatry offers preventive care for diabetic and high-risk patients, orthotics for flatfoot and foot deformities, trauma management for chronic injuries like joint instability and arthritis, and podiatrists also offer sports medicine.

“We’re doing the whole gamut from reconstructive surgery to preventive care,” said Dr. Killpack. “Seeing patients get better and feel heard is what we all want. When a patient not only gets taken care of but feels taken care of, that is really rewarding.”

Choosing to Practice Podiatry on the Peninsula

A native of Arizona, Dr. Killpack received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah before returning to Arizona to attend podiatry school at Midwestern University. Dr. Killpack went on to complete three years of podiatry residency at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. After finishing residency, Dr. Killpack moved to Sequim with his wife and young daughter to work on the Peninsula, “not only because of the beautiful area,” said Dr. Killpack, “but also because of the chance to be a part of the great community.”

This community, including Olympic Medical Center, is what drew Dr. Killpack to practicing podiatry on the Olympic Peninsula.

“This is an ideal area, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to work,” he said. “OMC is focused on providing healthcare to the community in an effective matter, with knowledgeable, helpful staff who are part of the community and invested in each patients’ well-being.”

“Everywhere we’ve lived has always been temporary because of schooling, so it’s nice to set down roots here and be a part of this community,” said Dr. Killpack. “We’re excited to be out here, and it already feels like home.”

Anything I can do to keep someone walking pain-free is important to me.

Adam Killpack, Doctor of Podiatry at OMC