“Opportunity to learn and excel” at Olympic Medical Center

“Opportunity to learn and excel” at Olympic Medical Center

Kylynn Stringer is one of many examples of employees at Olympic Medical Center who have advanced through various roles at the organization.

In fewer than three years, she has worked in four roles for Olympic Medical Center and is currently going to school to add a new job to that list.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to learn and excel,” Stringer says. “Everybody is very supportive.”

Stringer is a second-year nursing student at Peninsula College, while also working per diem as an emergency room technician at OMC.

She began her career at OMC by volunteering during her senior year at Sequim High School. When COVID-19 forced the volunteer program to be temporarily paused, she became a screening representative. After graduating from high school, she earned her CNA license at Peninsula College and became a float CNA at OMC. That led to her current role as an emergency room technician.

“They’re always giving me opportunities to learn and get the exposure,” Stringer says. “Before I worked in the ER, I would always ask questions about things and everybody would answer my questions.”

Emergency room technicians arrange phone consults for providers, room patients, facilitate check-in, perform wound care, administer EKGs, remove IV’s, assist with codes, arrange transport of patients and more. Stringer says she hopes to one day work in the emergency department after completing nursing school.

“It’s something different every day,” Stringer says. “I learn every single day.”

There’s a lot of opportunity to learn and excel. Everybody is very supportive. - Kylynn Stringer

Growing up, Stringer was always interested in a career in healthcare, but seeing how nurses cared for her grandfather during his end-of-life care led her to pursue nursing so that she could be there for patients in their time of need.

“The way that the nurses were helping with my family when we were going through a hard time,” Stringer says. “Definitely just being that extra support. They tell us in school, you’re your patient’s advocate. So just being there for them and being able to help them when they’re in a place that they kind of feel helpless.”

In her time at OMC, Stringer has had the opportunity to advance into numerous jobs and to develop her skills to match her interests as a healthcare professional. There are many entry-level job opportunities at Olympic Medical Center that present a pathway for those interested in jumpstarting their career in healthcare.