OMC Recognizes Support Services Team Members

OMC Recognizes Support Services Team Members

OMC recognized Support Services team members (from left) Tim Adams, Joann Gilbertson, Lori Postma-Spink, Brice Taylor and Jeff Wommack for working tirelessly to support staff and patients each day.

Olympic Medical Center’s Chief Human Resource Officer & General Counsel Jennifer Burkhardt, along with Director of Support Services Julie Black and the OMC Board of Commissioners, recently recognized five OMC Support Services team members for outstanding work.

OMC Support Services encompasses various services that help the hospital run smoothly, including security, nutrition services, house cleaning and more. Black calls the whole support team “an amazing team of dedicated people serving our community.”

Burkhardt and Black presented the awards to the following team members:

  • Tim Adams, Security Officer
  • Joann Gilbertson, Dishwasher, Food Services
  • Lori Postma-Spink, Nutrition Services Program Assistant
  • Brice Taylor, Security Officer
  • Jeff Wommack, Dishwasher, Food Services

Tim Adams, security officer, has been with OMC for seven years. Tim is known as a dependable leader who can be counted on to maintain a safe and secure environment. “Tim’s practical thought process when dealing with some of our more difficult situations has taught us all to take a step back to assess the situation in order to make the most appropriate decision on next steps,” said Black.

Lori Postma-Spink, nutrition services program assistant, plays a pivotal role for OMC’s Nutrition Services team. Her background in nutrition allows her to keep patient nutrition at the center of her thought process, and her organizational skills allow everyone to perform their jobs to their highest potential. “I appreciate Lori’s willingness to take on a task and see it through to the end with a positive outcome for our patients and staff,” said Black. “She always puts the needs of our patients first and will work through a difficult situation until the patient has the information they need to work through their nutritional issues.”

Providing a “detail-oriented and communicative work ethic,” Brice Taylor, security officer, is an integral part of the security team. Brice has respect for his coworkers and a reputation as a level-headed thinker, and his dedication to researching and understanding regulatory requirements and laws make him an asset to the team.  “Brice’s teamwork approach is deeply appreciated,” said Black.

Finally, Joann Gilbertson and Jeff Wommack, food service dishwashers, have each been at OMC for over 20 years. From washing an average of 1,500 pounds of dishes a day to picking up trays and pitching in where needed, Jeff and Joann represent the ultimate in teamwork. “The work ethic that these two individuals have is so in line with the OMC Way,” said Black. “They are so driven to make sure our patients, staff and visitors are taken care of and they always have a smile and a kind word,” said Black.

This is an amazing team of dedicated people serving our community.

Julie Black, Director of Support Services, OMC