OMC Expands Marketing and Communications Team

OMC Expands Marketing and Communications Team

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Marketing and Communications Director Bobby Beeman; Communications Specialist Heather Nelson; Senior Marketing Coordinator Donna Pacheco; Digital Marketing Manager Ryan Hueter

OMC Welcomes Two Employees to Fill New Marketing and Communication Roles

As a public hospital district serving a rural community, Olympic Medical Center strives to provide robust and needed health care services to the community. It is vital to the success of the organization to have a marketing and communication strategy that keeps patients, potential patients, employees, civic leaders and others informed.

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and how hospitals and clinics effectively communicate to their communities is an evolving field, as well.

To grow capabilities and enhance engagement with the community, OMC made a number of adjustments to the marketing and communications department, adding two new roles and the much-deserved promotion of another team member.

Meet the New Team

Ryan Hueter joined OMC as digital marketing manager in November, bringing key knowledge in social media strategy, media and influencer relations, and digital content development.

In his new role, Hueter will oversee digital marketing platforms, including strategizing, planning and developing tactics that create positive online experiences and engagements for patients and potential patients. He will also support the development, implementation and evaluation of other marketing and communication initiatives.

Hueter previously worked for the Seattle Mariners since 2016, most recently in the role of Manager of Baseball Information where he managed social and digital assets, including Twitter and the team blog, and executed campaigns on social and digital platforms. Prior to his stint at the Mariners, he was the Manager of Social Media for the University of Washington Athletic Department. Hueter grew up in Sequim, graduating from the Peninsula College running start program. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from University of Washington.

“Ryan is smart, collaborative and is a great fit for our team,” says Bobby Beeman, director of marketing and communications at OMC. “He has really stepped into his role with enthusiasm, and is learning about what digital strategies are out there that OMC could adopt to improve the virtual interactions we have with patients and our community.”

Heather Nelson is a remarkably talented writer and content specialist who joined OMC in October as Communications Specialist.

Nelson is a coordinator, writer and editor for external and internal content. More than developing press releases and writing content brochures, Nelson will work to bring to life through storytelling the everyday quality care given at OMC. “Curating pieces on health and wellness, sharing patient testimonials, and helping physicians and other clinicians share their expertise is exciting to Heather and we know she will lean in with intention to create content that is meaningful to patients and community members,” says Beeman. “Heather also has background in teaching, which really shows in her communication style, and I believe people will be able to learn from the pieces she develops.”

Prior to coming to OMC, Nelson worked for World Concern, a non-profit philanthropic organization, turning technical information into engaging stories for donors. She also contributed content to a blog for Azusa Pacific University, located in southern California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism from University of Nevada, Reno, and a Master of Arts degree in elementary education from Arizona State University.

Valued marketing employee Donna Pacheco received a promotion in October to Senior Marketing Coordinator. Pacheco has worked in the department more than five years, and is a foundational member of the team.

Pacheco has stepped up to tackle OMC’s traditional marketing strategies, such as print advertising, outdoor media, collaterals, and event planning, and also acts as OMC’s brand steward.

“Donna is a highly respected employee at OMC,” says Beeman. “Her skill, leadership, reliability and dedication to OMC’s mission makes her very deserved of the promotion.”

Beeman received a promotion to director in June, and in partnership with Pacheco and the department’s administrative lead team member, Jennifer Burkhardt, the department has made rapid advancements in online reputation, traditional print and outdoor media, all while tackling intensive COVID-19 communication response needs.

“Our marketing and communications team has impressive capabilities and we anticipate the team will do excellent work in continuing to increase OMC’s visibility as a quality health care provider, and creating increased engagement with patients and community members,” adds Burkhardt, chief human resources officer and general counsel.

Our marketing and communications team has impressive capabilities and we anticipate the team will do excellent work in continuing to increase OMC’s visibility as a quality health care provider, and creating increased engagement with patients and community members.

Jennifer Burkhardt, chief human resources office and general counsel