OMC’s ICU/Telemetry and Respiratory Therapy Teams Recognized with DAISY Team Award

OMC’s ICU/Telemetry and Respiratory Therapy Teams Recognized with DAISY Team Award

Chief Nursing Officer Vickie Swanson, RN, BSN, MSN recently presented both the Olympic Medical Center ICU/Telemetry and respiratory therapy teams with the DAISY Team Award for Extraordinary Nurses®. The award, created by the DAISY Foundation, recognizes the extraordinary, compassionate nursing care provided to patients and families every day.

Katrin Junghanns-Royack, RN, Director ICU/Tele, and Dottie Crates, BA, RRT-NPS, Manager, Respiratory Therapy, accepted plaques for their departments. Each honoree received a certificate and DAISY Team pin. “I am extremely proud of everyone and the work each person does. You deserve this award,” said Junghanns-Royack. “You didn’t win this, you all earned this! You can all be proud of yourself and this achievement.”

The teams were nominated for the DAISY award by an anonymous staff member, who wrote:

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Each member of the ICU/Telemetry unit and Respiratory Therapy department united and the team’s ability to adapt and work collectively to meet head-on the challenges presented showed an unwavering commitment to each other, patients and families, OMC, and the community at large.

We witnessed dedication, innovation, and willingness to help fight against a relentless viral enemy in the face of multiple fears – fear of the unknown, risks to themselves, and the thoughts of bringing the virus home to loved ones.

The resilience of the team after long hours, challenging patients and difficult situations with patient family members, extra shifts, frequent changes to policy, need for safety and distancing, and especially the impact of each patient death, is extraordinary in itself. This team makes a difference in the physical and emotional well-being of patients and families that most people will never know the extent or at what cost to their own well-being.

It is an honor to work alongside these team members that continue each and every day to show their perseverance, strength of character, and commitment to improving patient care and outcomes.

The list of honored employees includes registered nurses, arrhythmia technicians, certified nurse assistants, and respiratory therapists, totaling 77 employees. The complete list of honorees includes:

Director, ICU/Telemetry

  • Katrin Junghanns-Royack, RN

Clinical Supervisor, ICU/Telemetry

  • Janeen Howell, RN

Arrhythmia Technicians, ICU/Telemetry

  • Windy Boulden, AT
  • Chris Ellis, AT
  • Liz Landvik, AT
  • Robhin Lyamba, AT
  • Carmen Moody, AT

Certified Nurse Assistants, ICU/Telemetry

  • Christopher Beatty, CNA
  • Vanessa Black, CNA
  • Marie Burns, CNA
  • Kristina Connor, CNA
  • Lydia DeLong, CNA
  • Natasha Gabel, CNA
  • Bret Hensley, CNA
  • Brooke Heuser, CNA
  • Jen McKee, CNA
  • Madelyn Memmelaar. CNA
  • Tammy Muir, CNA
  • Jack Sisson, CNA
  • Sarah Smith, CNA
  • Kendra Windrich, CNA

Registered Nurses, ICU/Telemetry

  • Olivia Bailey, RN
  • Dove Baker, RN
  • Sarah Ballantyne, CCRN, RN
  • Anne Barrett, RN
  • JoDean Barrett, RN
  • Mary Boyce, RN
  • Michael Brocklesby, RN
  • Shari Byers, RN
  • Shelby Campbell, RN
  • Pam Carnahan, RN
  • Brianna Carr, RN
  • Matt Chance, RN
  • Jasmine Charon, RN
  • Sten Christiansen, RN
  • Rose Dixon, RN
  • Jessica Edwards, RN
  • Brooke Fitzsimmons, RN
  • Norah Gage, RN
  • Jasmine Gauthun, RN
  • Catalina Gonzalez, RN
  • Katelyn Goodman, CCRN, RN
  • Lori Gray, RN
  • John Hales, CCRN, RN
  • Sydney Heath, RN
  • Jeana Hutton, CCRN, RN
  • Kristin Jenks, RN
  • Jackey Kirsch, RN
  • Amanda Kossler, CCRN, RN
  • Sam Martinez, RN
  • Stephanie Overby, RN
  • Jennie Passehl, RN
  • Michael Perchert-Osuna, RN
  • Bill Porreca, RN
  • Christy Resser, WCN-C, RN
  • Ken Reynolds, LPN
  • Priscilla Sayles, CMSRN, RN
  • Ranjeet Seera, RN
  • Megan Slaczka, CCRN, RN
  • Reinier Sweerman, RN
  • Emily Webb, RN
  • Krystal Wilson, RN

Manager, Respiratory Therapy

  • Dottie Crates, RRT-NPS

Respiratory Therapists

  • Rebecca Bird, RRT
  • Emani Darden, RRT
  • Carolyn Frummet, RRT
  • Jeff Heistand, RRT
  • Devin Jackson, RRT
  • Shelly Jorgensen, RRT
  • Kimberly Kibe, RRT
  • Ron Nelson, RRT-CPFT
  • Karen Obermeyer, RRT
  • Deborah Rothwell, RRT
  • John Shepherd, RRT
  • Nina Stute, RRT
  • Ali Tompkins, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, AE-C
  • Michael Woodard, RRT

Olympic Medical nurses and teams may be nominated by patients, families and colleagues. Each honoree receives a certificate commending her or him as an “Extraordinary Nurse.”  The certificate reads: “In deep appreciation of all you do, who you are, and the incredibly meaningful difference you make in the lives of so many people.”  Honorees also receive a DAISY Award pin and a meaningful, hand-carved sculpture called A Healer’s Touch. A cross-functional committee of healthcare workers reviews the nominations and selects the final nominee.

Go to for more information or to nominate an extraordinary Olympic Medical Center nurse or nursing team.

About the DAISY Foundation

The DAISY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, by members of his family.  Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications of an auto-immune disease. (DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem.)  The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families. More information can be found at

You didn’t win this, you all earned this! You can all be proud of yourself and this achievement.

Katrin Junghanns-Royack, RN, Director ICU/Telemetry