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Olympic Medical Center Offers Sinus Imaging System

May 7, 2009 - Olympic Medical Center continues to enhance its surgical capabilities with the recent purchase of a Navigation System – a sinus mapping system that allows for more effective complex-sinus surgical procedures for patients with severe chronic sinusitis – for its surgical services unit.

 “Sinus surgeries can be extremely tedious because of the complexity of an individual’s sinus cavity and its proximity to vital organs such as the brain,” says Dr. Robert Craven, otolaryngologist (also known as an ear, nose and throat doctor or ENT) on medical staff at Olympic Medical Center. “Now, with the help of the Navigation System, I can navigate the sinus cavity within a submillimeter of accuracy, which is critically important for patient safety because each patient’s anatomy is different. Using this system for sinus procedures results in a more comfortable recovery for the patient and better results.”

Prior to surgery, an endoscope is used to examine nasal and sinus passages, and CT scans are taken to build a computerized model of a patient’s skull. During surgery, the surgeon views a computer monitor where the Navigation System shows the location of the surgical instruments tip on the CT scans. Tissue obstructing the sinuses is surgically removed so that sinuses can drain properly. The surgical precision of the Navigation System means less tissue is damaged, so recovery is faster and there is less discomfort than in surgeries that previously required open incisions.

“This image-guidance system is another example of the revolution to create sinus surgery technology that is more patient friendly,” says Mary Romstadt, director of surgical services at Olympic Medical Center. In partnership with the ENT surgeon skillfully performing the procedure, this is a wonderful surgical package to offer to community members who need it.

Dr. Craven estimates that one-third to one-half of his sinus surgeries will require the Navigation System. “I am very pleased Olympic Medical Center offers this technology in its surgical suites. It is a great investment in ENT surgery and in our patients.”

The Navigation System purchased by Olympic Medical Center is a Medtronic Fusion™ ENT system. The image guidance system involves a near 3-D mapping system that combines computed tomography (CT) scans and real-time information about the exact position of surgical instruments using infrared signals. In this way, surgeons can navigate their way through unique and complex sinus passages and provide surgical relief more precisely.

For more information on surgical services at Olympic Medical Center, please call (360) 417-7000 or click here. If you are a chronic sufferer of sinusitis and feel this procedure may work for you, please talk with your primary care physician regarding a referral to an otolaryngologist (ENT) physician.

Olympic Medical Center is a comprehensive health care provider for more than 70,000 residents of Clallam County. It provides inpatient services at its 126-bed acute care facility, and outpatient services, including imaging, rehabilitation therapy, laboratory, home health and comprehensive cancer care services at locations throughout the region. For more information call 417-7000 or visit us at www.olympicmedical.org.

About Robert Craven, MD
Robert W. Craven, MD is an otolaryngologist (ENT) physician on medical staff at Olympic Medical Center. His practice is located at 315 East 8th Street in Port Angeles and his office number is (360) 417-5555.

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