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Childbirth Education

A total of eight classes are available to help parents navigate the birthing process, their stay at Olympic Medical Center, and the first days and weeks with a new baby. To enroll, please print and complete a registration form and return it with your payment.

The Complete Series - 8 Classes - $224
Includes all of the classes listed below.  

Deep Relaxation for Birthing - 4 Classes - $135
Four classes providing detailed information about the birthing process, while teaching a fundamental form of deep relaxation to help your body work more efficiently during pregnancy and the birthing process. This technique prepares you to manage your birth and helps eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle associated with labor.  Topics include relaxation, breathing, coping techniques, hospital procedures and a tour of the Birth Center at Olympic Medical Center.  

Special Circumstances - 1 Class - $45
This class focuses on understanding the special circumstances that may occur during pregnancy and the birthing process, as well as the options for pain management at Olympic Medical Center. Cesarean section and epidurals will be among the topics discussed.

Newborn Characteristics and Care - 1 Class - $45
This class covers what to expect with newborns in their first minutes, days and weeks and what newborns need from their parents.  It includes daily care, normal behaviors, parenting, sleep, feeding, bathing, hospital procedures, etc. 

Breastfeeding Basics - 1 Class - $45
You will learn about the incredible health benefits of breast¬≠¬≠feeding for both mom and baby, as well as how to begin a successful breastfeeding relationship. Birth partners, family members and friends will also learn how best to support a breastfeeding mom and baby.  Topics include: infant cues, ways to avoid nipple damage and pain, positioning, latching baby on and successfully responding to breastfeeding challenges.

The Postpartum Period - 1 Class - $45
A discussion of the normal physical and emotional changes during the postpartum period will be the focus of this class. A presentation by a panel of postpartum families is included if families are available. 


Class Schedule

To enroll, please print and complete a registration form and return it with your payment.

All classes are from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and are held in the Sunroom on the third floor of Olympic Medical Center. Your partner and/or other support people are welcome to join you. 
Mon., Aug. 20 - Birthing Preparation Class 1
Mon., Aug. 27 - Birthing Preparation Class 2
Mon., Sept. 10 - Birthing Preparation Class 3
Mon., Sept. 24 - Birthing Preparation Class 4
Mon., Oct. 1 - Special Circumstances and 
   Pain Management
Mon., Oct. 8 - Newborn Care and Characteristics
Mon., Oct. 15 - Breastfeeding Basics
Mon., Oct. 22 - The Postpartum Period and
   Postpartum Panel

Mon., Oct. 29 - Birthing Preparation Class 1
Mon., Nov. 5 -Birthing Preparation Class 2
Mon., Nov. 12 - Birthing Preparation Class 3
Mon., Nov. 19 - Birthing Preparation Class 4
Mon., Nov. 26 - Special Circumstances and 
   Pain Management
Mon., Dec. 3 -Newborn Care and Characteristics
Mon., Dec. 10 - Breastfeeding Basics
Mon., Dec. 17 - The Postpartum Period and
   Postpartum Panel

Mon., Jan. 7 - Birthing Preparation Class 1
Mon., Jan. 14 - Birthing Preparation Class 2
Mon., Jan. 21 - Birthing Preparation Class 3
Mon., Jan. 28 - Birthing Preparation Class 4
Mon., Feb. 4 - Special Circumstances and 
   Pain Management
Mon., Feb. 11 - Newborn Care and Characteristics
Mon., Feb. 25 - Breastfeeding Basics
Mon., Mar. 4 - The Postpartum Period and
   Postpartum Panel


Please call New Family Services at (360) 417-7652 if you have any questions or need more information.
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