Community Update

Entrance to Olympic Memorial Hospital

Community Update

OMC and Clallam County HHS work proactively together to quickly respond to two OMC employees testing positive for COVID-19

PORT ANGELES  (June 27, 2020) – In proactively following Olympic Medical Center policies and protocols, an OMC employee recently tested positive for COVID-19 and immediately notified OMC’s employee health department, while appropriately going into quarantine. In following Clallam County Health and Human Services contact tracing protocols, it was discovered Friday evening that another employee in the same department tested positive.

Under the guidance of the county health department, Olympic Medical Center continues to follow appropriate protocols to contact employees, patients and community members who may have been in contact with these individuals.

“We understand that patients and employees identified through contact tracing to have been in contact with these health care workers will be concerned, however, we do this out of an abundance of caution,” says Darryl Wolfe, interim chief executive officer, Olympic Medical Center.

The extensive precautions in place and the use of Personal Protective Equipment make the risk of transmission in patient and caregiver interactions very low. “What we are looking at very closely and emphasizing strongly is renewed vigilance and adherence to universal masking and social distancing requirements among our employees when they are with other employees, in particular,” says Wolfe.

In the coming days, increased testing opportunities will be made available to Olympic Medical Center health care workers. This is an ongoing situation, and in partnership with the Clallam County Health Officer, an update will be provided on Monday. “We have a duty and commitment to keep our community safe and informed during this pandemic,” adds Wolfe.