OMC Recognizes Central Access Registration Team Members

OMC Recognizes Central Access Registration Team Members

OMC recognized Central Access Registration team members (from top left) Jared Hannam, Jenny Capehart-Mora, Avona Danser, (from bottom left) Janessa Fodge, Vahlory Larsen, Tammy Sahargun and Sierra Simms for working tirelessly to serve patients every day through the registration process.

Olympic Medical Center’s Chief Physician Officer Joshua Jones, MD, and the OMC Board of Commissioners recently recognized seven Olympic Medical Physicians Central Access Registration team members.

OMP Central Access Registration checks in an average of 700 patients a day for medical appointments, and Dr. Jones calls the team “one of the most important parts of our patients’ experience, working tirelessly to ensure OMP continues to serve our patients well every day.”

Dr. Jones presented the awards to the following seven team members:

  • Jared Hannam, Central Registration Supervisor
  • Jenny Capehart-Mora, Clinic Registration Representative
  • Avona Danser, Clinic Registration Representative
  • Janessa Fodge, Clinic Registration Representative
  • Vahlory Larsen, Clinic Registration Representative
  • Tammy Sahargun, Clinic Registration Representative
  • Sierra Simms, Clinic Registration Representative

Jared Hannam leads the team as the OMP Central Access Registration supervisor. Over his five years at OMP, Jared has been known for his dedication and integrity, continually giving far more than is expected. “On top of providing excellent leadership, Jared demonstrates adaptability and flexibility, truly representing the OMP Way,” said Dr. Jones.

Jenny Capehart-Mora, clinic registration representative, serves patients at the Walk-In Clinic and Specialty Clinic in Sequim. Her patients, peers and clinical staff speak highly of her affability and work ethic, with Dr. Jones commenting that she “nails the little things, like remembering patient’s names,” and creates a positive experience for everyone.

Providing a “nearly unshakable level of calm, kindness and professionalism,” Avona Danser, clinic registration representative, manages a variety of check-in processes while making sure to treat each patient as if they’re the only person in the room. She is a wonderful team member who is respected by staff, peers and patients alike.

Janessa Fodge, clinic registration representative, has continually added to her professional knowledge to become a trusted source on the team, all while having the “intangible registration skills you simply cannot teach regardless of position,” said Dr. Jones. “Her easygoing, personable nature, matched with her wealth of knowledge, has made her an excellent addition to our team.”

As a newer team member, Vahlory Larsen, clinic registration representative, has quickly become a beloved staple of the clinics. “Vahlory’s ability to adapt to needs of the day, and the flexibility and knowledge of the clinics required to do so, have been a most welcome addition to our team,” said Dr. Jones.

Tammy Sahargun, clinic registration representative, serves patients in OMP Walk-In Clinic as well as the Orthopaedics Clinic and Medical Office Building central registration. She routinely offers to lend a hand to her colleagues and shines with patients thanks to her welcoming demeanor. Tammy “treats everyone with compassion, grace and warmth,” said Dr. Jones. “We are grateful she found Olympic Medical Center and look forward to seeing her continue growing at OMP.”

Clinic registration representative Sierra Simms is not only respected amongst her peers, but she is the colleague they turn to for questions about process and workflow. Her ability to use critical thinking skills and problem solve make her an asset to the team. “Sierra has flourished and embraced her role within the team over this past year,” said Dr. Jones. “We are eagerly awaiting what she will accomplish moving forward.”

“Overall, this team is truly awesome,” said Dr. Jones. “The flexibility they display every day in getting our patients’ needs met is inspiring.”

Overall, this team is truly awesome. The flexibility they display everyday in getting our patients’ needs met is inspiring.

Dr. Joshua Jones, Chief Physician Officer, OMC