BEE Award: Security Officer Missy Edwards receives OMC’s BEE Award

BEE Award: Security Officer Missy Edwards receives OMC’s BEE Award

Olympic Medical Center honors security officer Missy Edwards with BEE Award for service excellence.

Olympic Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Darryl Wolfe and Security Supervisor Logan Smith recently presented Melissa “Missy” Edwards, OMC security officer, with the OMC BEE Award (Being Excellent Every Day).

The award, established by OMC and a companion to the DAISY Award given to nursing staff, recognizes non-nurse staff members, both clinical and non-clinical, who exceed expectation in service excellence every day.

Edwards was recognized for her quick-action and assistance with a critically wounded patient in the emergency department.

A colleague nominated Edwards for the BEE award, writing:

“I was working in Emergency Department triage as the only RN. Within five minutes, multiple critical patients arrived, one of them being a gunshot wound victim.

Missy stepped outside her security role and became my right-hand woman to assess and help stabilize this patient. Without hesitation she said, “What do you need?” She grabbed quick clot, extra resources, gauze, and helped me simultaneously obtain a set of vitals all in front of the ED check-in desk. I felt safe as she and her colleagues never stopped assessing the situation around us while this was going on, making sure there was crowd control and safety.

I’m grateful and Missy is definitely an asset to OMC.”

Pictured from left: Darryl Wolfe, CEO; Logan Smith, security supervisor; Missy Edwards, BEE Award recipient; Julie Black, Support Services director; Emily Fry, BEE Committee chair

Olympic Medical staff may be nominated for a BEE Award by patients, families and colleagues. Each honoree receives a certificate commending her or him on “Being Excellent Every Day.”  The certificate reads: “With deep appreciation for being excellent at what you do, for going above and beyond and making a difference for those around you every day.”  Honorees also receive a BEE Award pin and a gift bag containing a jar of local honey. A cross-functional committee of healthcare workers review the nominations and select the final nominee.

Go to for more information or to nominate an excellent Olympic Medical Center staff member.

About the BEE Award

The BEE Award (Being Excellent Every Day) was established to honor and celebrate Olympic Medical Center employees who exceed expectations in service excellence every day. This award recognizes team members outside of nursing staff who exhibit one or several of the following qualities:

  • Shows HEARTFELT concern, goes above and beyond to be helpful
  • Is INTEGRAL to the care or service provided; is innovative, impactful, instructive
  • Shows VERSATILITY in their role, is a valuable part of the team
  • Is EMPATHETIC to the needs of patients and coworkers, provides encouragement

Acknowledging the strength behind teamwork, the BEE Award was introduced as a complement to the DAISY Award. The daisy and the bee are both equally important in collaborating to do their best work in both nursing and ancillary roles. Each and every OMC employee is vital to providing compassionate care and excellent service.

Missy is definitely an asset to OMC.

BEE Award Nominator