Career Pathways

Discover Your Career Journey at Olympic Medical Center

Your pathway to a rewarding career begins at Olympic Medical Center.

Whether you have experience working in healthcare or not, Olympic Medical Center offers entry-level career opportunities in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings. Some positions require only a high school diploma or GED in terms of education; some positions may have additional prerequisites.

Olympic Medical Center supports ongoing education and professional development in a variety of formal and informal career pathways. Many employees enjoy growth opportunities at Olympic Medical Center, advancing to different departments and increasing responsibilities.

Learn the story of just a few of the employees who have enjoyed professional growth and found a fulfilling career at Olympic Medical Center.

Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway

Olympic Medical Center offers 100% reimbursement for course-related tuition, fees and textbooks to trained observers, patient care aides, dietary staff and environmental services workers who complete a certified nursing assistant program.

Certified nursing assistants earn $20 per hour and work in a variety of care settings, including Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics, ICU/Telemetry and Float.

Become a trained observer and gain valuable experience in the healthcare setting as a member of the nursing care team. No prior healthcare experience is needed.

Medical Assistant Pathway

Olympic Medical Center offers 100% reimbursement for course-related tuition, fees and textbooks for medical assistant apprentices.

Earn a paycheck while you train on the job to become a medical assistant. Gain valuable experience in the healthcare setting as a member of the care team. No prior healthcare experience is required.

Taylla Sales

Central Access (Call Center and Registration) Manager
Olympic Medical Physicians

In 11 years working at OMC and OMP, Taylla Sales has ascended from working on the Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics floor as a certified nursing assistant to managing the Central Access (call center and registration) department. During that time, Sales has completed her bachelor’s degree. “One thing I really appreciate about OMC is that it is very clear from the administrative leadership team that our employees are our greatest asset,” Sales says.

Previous positions at OMC/OMP:

  • Certified nursing assistant, Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics
  • Unit secretary, Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics
  • Executive assistant, Olympic Medical Physicians
Growing and learning with my team has been amazing. I know they support me and will do their best for our patients and our community. Being a part of that work and knowing I’m not alone feels good.

Malina Grall

Clinic Manager, Orthopaedic Clinics
Olympic Medical Physicians

Malina Grall started working with OMC in 2009 as a medical assistant practicum student in the radiology department. Today, she is the clinic manager for Olympic Medical Physicians’ Orthopaedic Clinics in Port Angeles and Sequim. “It means a lot to me to work for a company that is committed to growing current employees,” Grall says.

Previous positions at OMP:

  • Medical Assistant Practicum Student, Radiology
  • Imaging Services Representative, Radiology
  • Medical Assistant, OMP Orthopaedics Clinic
  • Lead Medical Assistant, OMP Orthopaedics Clinic
The most rewarding thing about working with OMC is my co-workers. It has been the best job I've ever had in that regard!

Sarah Lester

Administrative Assistant
Olympic Medical Home Health

“When I first came to Olympic Medical Home Health, I had some previous administrative office experience,” Lester says. “Over the past seven years I have gained vast knowledge and remarkable experience working with our wonderful team.”

Previous positions at OMC: 

  • Receptionist, Olympic Medical Home Health
  • Front Office/Supply Liaison, Olympic Medical Home Health
Olympic Medical Home Health has helped me advance in my office administration career from starting in an entry level Receptionist/Secretary position and giving me the opportunity to grow into my current position as an Administrative Assistant. This has truly meant the world to me. It's been a surreal experience to have been given the chance to advance into a position that I hoped to someday be in.

Julie Larson

Nursing Supervisor, Medical Oncology
Olympic Medical Cancer Center

Larson’s career at OMC began almost 30 years ago as a lab assistant. “The most rewarding part for me is the people that I work with, the patients that I care for, and the encouragement to be all I can be with opportunities as they become available,” Larson says.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Lab Assistant, Laboratory
  • Per-diem RN, Float
  • RN, Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics
  • RN, Short Stay Unit
  • Supervisor, Short Stay Unit
  • RN, Olympic Medical Cancer Center
OMC gave me opportunities to learn, grow, and advance within the organization, the time and opportunities to find my niche, and my passion: nursing.

Jessica Wilson

Referral Intake/Schedule Coordinator
Olympic Medical Home Health

Wilson’s career path at OMC began in 2006 in the nutrition services department. “I feel like I actually make a difference in patients’ and their family’s experience while navigating through healthcare,” Wilson says. “I take a lot of pride in doing my job and doing a good job.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Junior Helper, Nutrition Services
  • Food Service, Nutrition Services
  • Medical Records Assistant, Health Information Management
  • Lifeline Assistant, Olympic Medical Home Health
  • Administrative Assistant, Olympic Medical Home Health
Olympic Medical Center and Olympic Medical Home Health believed in me when I am not sure I believed in myself. I now have a lot more confidence in being trained with new tasks and taking on new, challenging jobs.

Michelle McCullough, ARNP

ARNP, Orthopedics
Olympic Medical Physicians

When McCullough joined OMC as an RN with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 2018, she had already spent time as a medical assistant and was working on a Master’s of Science Nursing Informatics. She completed her Master’s degree while working in clinical informatics. She later transferred to the Wound Clinic, and completed a Post Masters Certificate for Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner while working there. McCullough joined OMP’s team of orthopedic providers in 2022. “The Orthopedics department is a wonderful place to begin my career. The providers here are supportive and always available for guidance.”

Previous positions at OMC/OMP:

  • Clinical Analyst, RN, Clinical Informatics
  • RN, Wound Clinic
My career path from Medical Assistant to Nurse Practitioner gives me a unique view of the different levels of care, which I bring forward to my patients today. From patient interactions to patient advocacy, my journey facilitates quality, patient-centered care.

Jason Francis

Plant Operations

Francis has held many positions in plant operations since joining OMC in 2006. Francis has earned many certifications – with OMC’s support – during his tenure with the organization. “It means everything to me,” Francis says of having OMC’s support in reaching his career goals.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Plant Operator
  • Plant Operator Shift Lead
OMC has given me the training and helped me earn the certifications to best qualify me to do a job where I can see the direct value to our community. With OMC’s support, we are providing the appropriate environment for our staff to provide care to our patients and for our patients to heal.

Samantha Jacobson

OMP Associate Director
Olympic Medical Physicians

“I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my leadership at every stage and our organization encouraging growth and empowering employees to explore opportunities,” Jacobson says.  Since joining the organization in 2013, Jacobson worked in a wide variety of roles. She started as a medical office assistant, first for the Orthopaedics Clinic before transferring to the Sequim Specialty Clinic. Later, she became the supervisor of the Sleep Clinic, eventually adding supervisory duties of both Specialty Clinics, the Orthopaedics Clinics and the Lung Center. In 2017, Jacobson became the recruiter for all Olympic Medical Physicians positions, including registration, medical assistant, RN and provider. Three years ago, she was promoted to OMP Operations Manager.

Previous positions at OMP:

  • Medical Office Assistant, Orthopaedics Clinic
  • Medical Office Assistant, Specialty Clinic
  • Supervisor, Sleep Clinic
  • Provider Recruiter, OMP
  • Operations Manager, OMP
I can honestly say that I love what I do, where I work, and the teams I work with… We truly strive to keep patients at the heart of our decisions, and we are all working toward the same mission—working together to provide excellence in healthcare.

Aleisha Autrey

Clinic Manager, Walk-In Clinics
Olympic Medical Physicians

After originally joining OMC as a housekeeper, Aleisha Autrey has advanced into her current role as the clinic manager of the OMP Walk-In Clinics in Port Angeles and Sequim. “I have always found our leadership teams across the organization encourage further education and offer training opportunities, both at OMC as well as attending training courses and conferences out of the area to further develop my skills,” Autrey says.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Housekeeper, Environmental Services
  • Lead Medical Office Assistant, Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Supervisor, Central Access (Call Center and Registration), Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Clinic Supervisor, Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
Having the support of OMC, and especially OMP leadership, has been incredible. It's wonderful to have that support and encouragement to grow.

Robin Worth-McIntyre

Case Manager RN
Olympic Medical Home Health

After first working in the pharmacy, Worth-McIntyre decided she wanted to be involved with patient care again, having previously been a certified nursing assistant. She completed her nursing degree while working in Home Health and eventually completed OMC’s nurse residency program. “I find it very rewarding to work for a company that cares about an employee’s goals and quality of life,” Worth-McIntyre says.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy
  • Home Health Bath Aid, Home Health
  • Home Health Visit Nurse, Home Health
Without OMC’s support I would not have been able to excel in my career in such an accelerated manner as I have. I find it very rewarding to work for a company that cares about an employee’s goals and quality of life.

Nick Spurrier

Surgical Technologist
Surgical Services

Since first joining OMC 11 years ago, Nick Spurrier has worked for several different departments across the organization. He has advanced his career while working in nutrition services, environmental services, central supply/sterile processing and now, surgical services. “It is rewarding coming into work knowing I have the support of my current department and staff throughout the organization,” Spurrier says.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Food Service Worker, Nutrition Services
  • Housekeeper, Environmental Services
  • CenterCore Technologist, Surgical Services
  • Sterile Processing Technologist, Central Supply/Sterile Processing
OMC has given me on-the-job training and advancement which allowed me to grow my career and support my family without having to take leave or have the financial burden of attending school. I am grateful for the opportunities that has been given me by OMC.

Brandy Ebalo

Surgical Technologist
Operating Room

Shortly after starting with OMC as a housekeeper in 2015, Brandy Ebalo was assigned to clean the operating room. It was there that she soon became enamored with one day working in the operating room. Ebalo began taking classes aimed at becoming a surgical tech, where she eventually earned a full-time position with on-the-job training.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Housekeeper, Environmental Services
  • Support Assistant, Operating Room/Endoscopy
The entire OR staff has had my back in full support to get this opportunity. The leadership has been so accommodating and supportive…I earned my dream job.

Joni Morgan, MSN, RN

Clinical Manager RN
Home Health

Since joining Olympic Medical Home Health in 2015, Joni Morgan, MSN, RN, has quickly advanced within the department. She started as a visit nurse, but after only four months, she became an RN case manager. She continues with the department today as a clinical manager. “Looking back and seeing where I started, where I am, and where I could go,” Morgan says about what she finds most rewarding about working at OMC.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • RN Visit Nurse, Home Health
  • RN Case Manager, Home Health
Having the support and mentorship to help me grow in my current role is invaluable.

Michelle Samples

Clinic Manager, Specialty Clinics
Olympic Medical Physicians

Michelle Samples has served in multiple supervisory roles after originally joining OMP as a medical office assistant. She says that education has played a key part in her career development.  “The ability to further my education has recently become a reality with the help of our leadership team and it really solidifies that we are heard and valued,” Samples says. “I look forward to continuing to learn and grow and help others do the same within the company.”

Previous positions at OMP:

  • Medical Office Assistant, Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Supervisor, Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Supervisor, Orthopaedics Clinic and Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Clinic Manager, Specialty Clinics, Sleep Center, Orthopaedics Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Clinic Manager, Specialty Clinics, General Surgery, Lung Center, Wound Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
OMC/OMP have been such an amazing place to work. They have given me opportunities from the beginning to branch out and take on new tasks and roles. As I have continued on my journey they have provided me with education tools, trainings, and options to continue building myself and those around me.

Holly Wickersham

Operations Director
Olympic Medical Physicians

Since joining the organization as a clinic manager for Olympic Medical Physicians in 2006, Wickersham has steadily advanced into increasing responsibilities and new roles within OMP. She credits tuition reimbursement for earning her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration for advancing her career as well as mentorship and leadership training.

Previous positions at OMP:

  • Clinic Manager, Specialty Clinic, Olympic Medical Physicians
  • Operations Manager, Olympic Medical Physicians
I love where I live, and my work is rewarding. Having the support of our organization to advance my career without having to leave our area is amazing!

Karen Dopheide

Charge Capture Specialist

Since first joining Olympic Medical Center nearly 40 years ago, Karen Dopheide has worked in myriad roles. “[OMC has helped advance my career by] allowing me to move into other job positions and learn other tasks,” Dopheide says. For the past 10 years, she has been a charge capture specialist in the Laboratory department.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Registered Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Therapy
  • Arrythmia Tech, Critical Care Unit
  • Front Office Staff, Laboratory
  • Cytology Assistant, Laboratory/Pathology
  • Customer Service Organizer, Laboratory
  • Front Office Staff, Registrar & Billing
With OMC's support, I've been able to raise my family here on the Olympic Peninsula and to learn new tasks.

Karesandra White

Medical Assistant – Certified, Orthopedics
Surgical Technician – Registered, Orthopedics
Olympic Medical Physicians

Karesandra White joined OMC in 2019 and has steadily grown her career over that time. “Seeing my growth professionally and personally over the last 4 years, I didn’t think that I could become such a vital part of a team before this,” White says. After originally joining OMC as a Call Center Agent, White has spent time as a Patient Care Coordinator and is now a Medical Assistant – Certified and a Surgical Technician – Registered in OMP’s Orthopedics Clinic.

Previous positions at OMC/OMP:

  • Call Center Agent, Central Access
  • Patient Care Coordinator, Orthopedics Clinic
  • Registered Medical Assistant, Orthopedics Clinic
OMC has helped me greatly in advancing my career. I've been able to grow personally, and professionally while here. It is very meaningful to see OMC supporting its employees.

Shanna Loghry

Unit Secretary

While working for OMC, Shanna Loghry took advantage of OMC’s certified nursing assistant pathway, which offers 100% reimbursement for course-related tuition, fees and textbooks to trained observers, patient care aides, dietary staff and environmental services workers who complete a certified nursing assistant program.”OMC has paid for my schooling to get my certification to become a nursing assistant, for which I will be eternally grateful as it has opened up my career,” Loghry says. “I love to work with patients and our awesome staff.” Loghry is now the unit secretary for the medical/surgical/pediatrics unit in the hospital.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Housekeeper, Environmental Services
  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Float
  • Emergency Room Technician, Emergency Services
  • Health Unit Coordinator
It means the world that we have such an amazing support system and this organization wants you to succeed.

Mandy Beck

Surgical Technologist – Certified

Mandy Beck has been able to grow her career at Olympic Medical Center after OMC reimbursed her surgical technologist training and education. “It allows me to pursue dreams I would not of had the opportunity to otherwise,” Beck says. Beck has been a surgical technologist since 2018 after beginning her career with OMC as a medical assistant.

Previous positions at OMP:

  • Medical Assistant, OMP Primary Care
  • Medical Assistant, OMP Specialty Clinic
  • Medical Assistant, OMP Orthopedics Clinic
OMC has allowed me to take up a career that would have required me to go away to school in order to pursue. I wouldn't have been able to do this as I was a single mother and leaving the area was not an option for me.

Dan Swanson

Radiology Multi-Procedure Technologist
Diagnostic Imaging

Dan Swanson has worked at OMC for 28 years, including the last 15 years in the radiology department as a multi-procedure technologist, facilitating imaging such as MRIs and CT scans. OMC helped Swanson advance his career in radiology with a scholarship to become more proficient in administering X-rays. He says, “helping diagnose patients with top-notch imaging” is the most rewarding part of his job.

Previous positions at OMC:

  • Junior Helper, Nutrition Services
  • Cafeteria worker, Nutrition Services
  • Radiology Transporter, Radiology
  • X-ray Technologist, Radiology
It means a lot to be able to advance my career while working at OMC since I was 16 years old.

Jennifer Dyrseth

Patient Financial Services

Since joining OMC as a financial counseling supervisor almost seven years ago, Jennifer Dyrseth has enjoyed many opportunities for professional development. Dyrseth completed her master’s degree and has earned multiple financial services certifications while with OMC. “None of this would’ve been possible without the support and encouragement from my leadership, my team, and OMC as an employer,” Dyrseth says. “I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given and I don’t think I would’ve had these opportunities at a lot of other places.”

Previous position at OMC:

  • Financial Counseling Supervisor, Patient Financial Services
I was really thankful to be able to utilize the tuition reimbursement program for my graduate degree. I’ve also had the benefit of being able to speak to those in leadership who are doing a lot of work in Administrative Management, IT, Compliance and Revenue Cycle. Being able to apply the concepts I was learning in school to a real-life scenario really helped to make everything make sense.

Shawn Gould

Oncology Nurse Manager
Olympic Medical Cancer Center

Shawn Gould has worked in multiple departments since joining Olympic Medical Center in 2013 as a per diem RN on the Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics night shift. Regardless of the unit, he says a common theme is a collaborative culture among coworkers and leaders. “Whether it was working on Med/Surg doing hands-on patient care, or being in Clinical Informatics helping improve a workflow that allows more patients to be seen, each team supported and encouraged one another,” Gould says.

Previous position at OMC:

  • RN, Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics
  • Nurse Case Manager
  • Infusion RN, Medical Oncology
  • Clinical Analyst RN, Clinical Informatics
  • Triage RN, Medical Oncology
The most rewarding part of working at OMC is the teamwork. I’ve worked at a number of different departments throughout OMC. The one consistent aspect if found is that everyone works together to ensure our patients receive outstanding care.