4 (Painful) Signs It’s Time to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

4 (Painful) Signs It’s Time to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

If pain in your knee has got you down, here are four signs it’s time to think about knee replacement surgery.

Knee pain doesn’t always mean you need knee replacement surgery. In fact, if you recently suffered a knee injury, you might not necessarily be a candidate for knee replacement surgery.

However, if you’ve been dealing with progressing pain over time because of arthritis in your knee, it’s time to consider if knee replacement is the next best step.

If pain in your knee (or knees) has got you down, here are four signs it’s time to think about knee replacement surgery.

Sign #1: Your knee pain keeps you from everyday activities, like walking or bending.

If after dinner walks are out of the question or gardening your beloved vegetable beds isn’t happening because of pain in your knee, it’s a solid sign the arthritis in your knee is getting the best of you.

Whether you’re hesitant to bend down while playing with your dog or you’re simply slowing down on the job, knee pain during everyday activities means it might be time for surgery.

Sign #2: Even when resting, your knee pain doesn’t stop.

Are you finally sitting down for the night, looking for relief, only to realize the pain in your knee doesn’t stop? If your knee pain continues even when resting, talk to your doctor about your discomfort and whether knee replacement surgery is in your future.

Sign #3: Stiffness in your knee makes it hard to move or bend your leg.

When it comes to arthritis in the knee, it’s not only pain. Arthritic knee pain is often accompanied by stiffness that makes it hard to move or even bend your leg. When your knee is so stiff that actions like walking up a set of stairs or getting in and out of the car are nearly impossible, you may need a “new knee.”

Sign #4: You’ve tried pain medication, injections, physical therapy and even canes—but the pain persists.

Before progressing to knee replacement surgery – also known as arthroplasty surgery – orthopedic surgeons may recommend other remedies like physical therapy, dietary changes, exercise and pain management. But if those methods don’t resolve the pain in your arthritic knee, it is likely time to consider knee replacement surgery.

If you’ve read the signs above and think it might be time for surgery, make an appointment with your primary care provider, who can talk through your options. For Olympic Peninsula locals, consider requesting a referral to local knee replacement specialists Dr. Dirk Gouge and Dr. Thomas Herschmiller at the Olympic Medical Physicians Orthopaedic Clinic. Their expertise in the operating room and experience with the latest robotic-assisted technology can get you relief from your knee pain and back to the activities you love.

To learn more about knee replacement surgery at Olympic Medical Center, visit olympicmedical.org/new-knee or call (360) 565-0999.