Olympic Medical Center is a comprehensive health care provider serving the residents of Port Angeles, Sequim and surrounding communities. Inpatient services include a level-three trauma designated emergency department, surgical services, and labor and delivery. Outpatient services include cardiac care, cancer care, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy and rehabilitation, laboratory, orthopaedics, surgical services, sleep center, home health, primary care, a walk-in clinic and specialty physician clinics.
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Investing In Your Care

Olympic Medical Heart Center has taken your health to heart by recruiting board-certified cardiologists, and investing in the expansion of comfortable facilities and state-of-the-art equipment in both Port Angeles and Sequim.

By choosing Olympic Medical Heart Center for all your heart’s diagnostic tests, including myocardial perfusion (nuclear) stress tests of the heart, and resting and stress-testing echocardiograms, to name a few, you are making more than a convenient choice.  When your tests are done at an Olympic Medical Heart Center facility in Port Angeles or Sequim, the results are in our computer systems. So, if you have an unexpected visit to the emergency room with chest pain or another condition, your results are literally at our fingertips. This allows your doctor to access your medical records in seconds – and when it comes to your heart, every minute counts.

But our care for your heart goes beyond our diagnostic tests. We work closely with you to support your choice and commitment to give you the tools you need to eat right, exercise properly and maintain heart health. Our devoted staff will do more than educate you – they will walk you through the process. Sometimes that literally means taking a walk with you.

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