Olympic Medical Center is a comprehensive health care provider serving the residents of Port Angeles, Sequim and surrounding communities. Inpatient services include a level-three trauma designated emergency department, surgical services, and labor and delivery. Outpatient services include cardiac care, cancer care, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy and rehabilitation, laboratory, orthopaedics, surgical services, sleep center, home health, primary care, a walk-in clinic and specialty physician clinics.
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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

You are the reason we are here. We wish to honor you as an individual with health care needs. We will strive to treat you and your loved ones with respect and courtesy. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you make the best decisions about your care. We will do our best to uphold these rights. Please know you have the following rights:

Care with Respect

  • To receive care without discrimination.
  • To receive care with courtesy.
  • To receive care appropriate for pain management.
  • To receive services within the organization's capacity.
  • To have your personal, cultural, and spiritual values supported when treatment decisions are made.
  • To have an interpreter if you do not speak English or you have a hearing impairment.
  • To voice concerns and submit grievances for acknowledgement, review and response without fear of retribution or denial of care.

Be Informed and Make Decisions

  • To know the name and profession of your care providers.
  • To receive information on your condition, and make informed decisions about your care.
  • To be involved, and have family or designated surrogate involved, in care planning and treatments.
  • To request or refuse treatment, drugs, procedures and be informed of consequences.
  • To be informed of unanticipated adverse outcomes.
  • To have your wishes honored concerning organ donation, when such wishes are known, in accordance with law and regulations and within limits of the organization's capability.
  • To form advance directives and expect them to be followed.
  • To have a family member or representative and personal physician notified of your hospital admission.
  • To designate and receive visitors of choice.
  • To access your medical records within a reasonable time frame.
  • To request transfer of your care to another provider.
  • To be informed and consent or refuse to healthcare students participating in your care.
  • To be informed and decide if you wish to participate in clinical research studies.
  • To have an explanation of your billings and information on financial assistance options.

Privacy and Safety

  • To privacy during treatment, personal care, activities, and care discussions.
  • To be free from audio/video monitoring without consent, unless medically necessary.
  • To an environmentally safe setting.
  • To an emotionally safe atmosphere of respect, dignity and comfort.
  • To be free from all forms of abuse, neglect and harassment.
  • To confidentiality of your medical records.
  • To be free from restraint and seclusion, unless medically necessary.
  • To access protective and advocacy services.

Complaints and Grievances
You are welcome to submit any written or verbal complaint about your visit at Olympic Medical Center without any prejudice for future service. We appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge concerns, provide explanations or apologies, and make improvements whenever appropriate.

Olympic Medical Center - Administration
939 Caroline Street
Port Angeles, Washington 98362

Please feel free to contact our Patient Satisfaction Coordinator at (360) 417-7256 or our Administrator's office at (360) 417-7705, or write to us. A response to your grievance will be provided in a timely manner.

You may wish to contact the Washington State Complaint Hotline at 1-800-633-6828 or the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring at 1-800-944-6610.

If you are a Medicare patient and have a concern about the quality of care you received here or feel you were discharged early, you may wish to call the Professional Review Organization at 1-800-633-4227.

Patient Responsibilities
You have a role and responsibility in addressing your health care needs. Please help us by honoring the following responsibilities:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your conditions, medical history, medications, and any other health matters that would help us care for you. .
  • Ask questions and let us know about your concerns, so that we can do our best to answer them.
  • Tell us about any changes in your condition. You know best how you feel.
  • Take part in decisions concerning your care and treatment.
  • Follow your treatment plan. If you choose not to, recognize the consequences of your decision.
  • Make arrangements for financial obligations. Ask about options available to you.
  • Respect medical center policies.
  • Be considerate of other patients and ensure that your visitors are equally thoughtful.

*These rights and responsibilities have been condensed. For a complete copy of our policy, please contact Olympic Medical Center Administration at (360) 417-7705. For immediate concerns, please ask to speak with your care provider or a department supervisor.

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