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Nutrition Services

What can I see a Dietitian for?
You can see a dietitian for general nutrition information or any condition that includes diet and nutrition as part of its management, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, obesity, nutrition in pregnancy and lactation, eating difficulties, eating disorders, malnutrition and others.

Please ask your health care provider to arrange a referral. For questions regarding Nutrition Services, please call (360) 417-7125. Nutrition Services is available in both Port Angeles and Sequim.

What other services do dietitians provide?

  • Inpatient Services: Dietitians help people in the hospital receive meals prepared according to their individualized needs. In addition, as part of the patient care team they identify patients with special nutritional needs and provide quality assessments and plans in an effort to improve their nutritional state. Some patients may require nutrition intravenously (IV) or by a feeding tube. In these cases, dietitians calculate and provide recommendations to physicians about a patient's calorie, nutrient and formula needs.
  • Outpatient Services: With a referral from a doctor, Nutrition Services will call and make an appointment with you. Appointments are one hour in length initially with follow up appointments of thirty minutes.
  • Diabetes Education: Dietitians are part of a team of educators who work with people with diabetes to provide individualized care plans to manage blood sugar.
  • Cardiac Services: Dietitians are a part of the Cardiac Services team providing nutrition education and support to people with heart disease or those striving to prevent it.
  • Community Services: Dietitians work within the community through programs such as First Step/Maternity Support Services, Community Action Headstart and Senior Services Nutrition Programs. Dietitians also participate in health fairs and other public educational services.
  • Cancer Care: As part of the Cancer Care team, dietitians help people with cancer before, during, and after treatment maintain their good nutritional state, combat side effects of treatment, and help them keep their diet as normal and enjoyable as possible.

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